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Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

Jeff Koons is widely regarded as one of the most important, influential, popular and controversial artists of the postwar era. Koons pioneered new approaches and tested the boundaries between advanced art and mass culture. With close to 150 objects dating from 1978, Koons’ exhibition will be on display in New York at the Whitney’s Museum of American Art.

Photography by: Switttch


14695491295_ea6c6d5a45_b“Toyland with Popcorn”


14692306641_aefbaed323_b“Michael Jackson and Bubbles”


14508838509_1b9423d995_b“Dogpools (Panties)”

14508840909_0a72be279e_b“Three Ball 50/50 Tank”


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Seeing Spots

Here at Publish Brand, we are always churning out new ideas and designs today for tomorrow.

Trying to achieve a classic look, while exhibiting the edge of today’s modern aesthetic, is where the new polka dot pattern came to life. The ever so fashionable polka dot is definitely a timeless pattern used as far back as the late 19th century. With that in mind, the playful pattern is used in the “Lost in Paradise” collection to add chaos to a familiar look, featuring rectangular boundaries in a sea of circles.

This take on the polka dot pattern is definitely a staple in this summer’s collection. The t-shirts and tank tops are constructed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex to give these garments a cool, silky feel while adding that comfortable stretch. The jogger pants, shorts, button-ups, bucket hats, and 5 panels are made of the lightweight poplin material to ensure Publishers are not weighed down by heavy fabrics in the summer heat. All polka dot garments are available in black, white, mint, and navy.



 ‘Kenneth’ in black, white, mint & navy.


 ‘Celino’ shorts in black, white, mint & navy.


‘Elias’ button-up in black, white, mint & navy.




Silas‘ 5 panel hats, ‘Sinclair‘ bucket hats, ‘Julian‘ jogger pants and ‘Myle‘ tank top available in all 4 colors.

Summer Joggers

This year for summer, our infamous Jogger Pants have gotten a touch of that summer time flair to add some character and style to your wardrobes.

Last spring, Publishers absolutely loved the ‘Colinson’ sweat pant jogger. Due to high demand, a similar jogger from the “Lost in Paradise” collection has been created to fit like the ‘Colinson,’ but features a decorative mesh throughout to give a different feel and look.

The ‘Johan’ jogger really stands out with its unique digital floral print on poplin material and Signature Jogger fit. The digital mesh was designed to capture that summer island vibe, adding a twist of modern technology.

Another jogger that is highlighted in our the summer collection is the ‘Damian.’ Double embroidered polka quills in dual colors float throughout the cotton pants.

Lastly, we have the ‘Julian’ polka dot jogger. Laced in spots, this pattern features rectangular shapes in a sea of dots. Constructed of the lightweight poplin, this playful print definitely takes an original and offers a new spin.

Whether it be the fabric, print, or detailing, these brand new joggers are definitely ready to play for summer.


“Ricko” Joggers available in black & navy.


“Johan” Jogger available in navy, tan, & white.


“Damian” jogger available in black, khaki, & navy.

Click here to view the “Julian” Jogger in all available colors.

The Black Collection

The Publish.MONO collection is one of our most prized, as each garment represents an artistic representation of both classic and modern.

When we think of classic, we think black. Black is a shade that compliments anything and everything and has done so for as long as know. Here at Publish, we have taken a classic and combined it with the most modern cuts and styles to give Publishers something truly unique. This collection was inspired by today’s modern thought accompanied with the trending sport fashion. We have chosen the top 3 garments from the black collection to give you a closer look.

The 3 gauge knit ‘Endre’ is a particular cut sweater that features an over sized collar that can be worn over the head as a hood. The front panels are longer than the back to give the elongated look the MONO collection is all about. The knit makes the ‘Endre’ versatile for any sophisticated occasion while being comfortable.

A black favorite among Publishers from the MONO collection is definitely the short sleeve raglan button-up ‘Vaughn.’ Cotton poly solid blend completes the body, while the sleeves are made of mesh. This sporty inspired baseball jersey is hands down a top seller.

Of the many uniquely built garments from MONO, the  ‘Gunner’ French terry raglan sleeve, offset jacket has to be at the top. Carefully constructed folds flow down the front for an abstract asymmetrical aesthetic. With front snap buttons, collar and cuff ribbing, and hidden pockets, the ‘Gunner’ is quite unique and definitely considered fashion forward in today’s ever changing trends.



endre_black_frontThe ‘Endre’ available here.




The black ‘Vaughn’  available here.




 The black ‘Gunner’ available here.





Seattle’s Underground Floor

Make your way to Seattle’s Underground Tour to learn more about this historic city. The basement passageways below was Seattle’s original  ground level in the mid 19th century. An accidental fire spread destroyed 31 blocks of Seattle due to initial wooden foundation. Instead of rebuilding the city, the townspeople decided to build above the original ground level due to frequent floods from high tide.


Below is a portrait of Seattle before the town caught fire.


After the rebuild, a lot of merchants moved up to the new ground level leaving all the rubble behind. The underground is closed to the general public except for special occasions such as these Underground Tours.




After the rebuild some merchants operated on the new ground level but some decided to operate on the original level still. These glass panels were put in place to allow light to the underground. If you’re walking along the sidewalks and you spot some random glass panels, you know there is an underground passageway underneath.



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The White Collection

The Publish.MONO Collection has definitely evoked some interest in our design concepts and rightfully so.

MONO exists to reflect how the difference of colors, or in this case, the lack of color, can allow two identical silhouettes to give opposing vibes.

Half of the entire MONO collection is in pure white with the 3M reflective logo to give this monochromatic set a pop of subtle intensity. The jersey and waffle mesh materials this collection is made of undoubtedly shows, as white is the best tint to see fine detail. Publishers have clearly selected their favorite white pieces from this clean collection.

The ‘Jaron’  is one of the Publisher’s picks from the white collection. Constructed of reverse French terry, this hoodie features two additional side zipper pockets, aside from the kangaroo front pocket.

 The ‘Aikman’ was inspired by the football jersey silhouette. To enhance the sport vibe, the body is made of jersey mesh, while solid details at the shoulders and arms finish off that game-day look.

Lastly, the ‘Franco’ jogger is definitely a hit with the fans. The waffle bonded cotton poly blend makes for great detail that subtly adds character. The invisible slant pockets in the rear also give the ‘Franko’ a clean, polished look and feel.




jaron_white_frontThe white ‘Jaron’ pull-over hoodie available here.



aikman_white_frontThe white ‘Aikman’ mesh top available here.





The white ‘Franko’ jogger available here.

Highest City at Sea Level

This past weekend we got to take a little adventure up to Seattle, the biggest city in the Northwest Region and fastest growing in the States! The city itself is known for rain, coffee, big businesses, nature, art and history.

Where it all began; The original Starbucks location on Pike Place. The line goes out the door consistently all day and you can expect a 20+ minute wait.


  This is the longest operating Farmers’ Market in the US.


Come early and catch employees throwing fish across the counter.


If you’re a germaphobe, you may want to take two steps back. The Market Theater Gum Wall has been named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions.



Make your way to Seacrest Park in West Seattle for a great view of the city!


We happened to be in town for the Solstice Festival in Fremont. It was put on to support the art and artists in the neighboring area.




Follow the Aurora bridge up Troll Ave, and you’ll come across this awesome sculpture.



    The architecture on the Seattle Public Library is simply breathtaking. Seattle is ranked the most literate city in the country. The Seattle Public Library has the highest percentage of library cardholder per capita.


Do you know about underground Seattle? Stay tuned for our next blog…


Art Meets MONO Fashion

Our PublishMONO collection is the idea of one color, one concept that utilizes contrast between shadow and light. PublishMONO’s play on different fabrics and textures give a range of black & white monochromatic pieces. In this first collection, we are showcasing a diverse multitude of items including wovens, knits, jogger pants, shorts and numerous mesh items.



Aikman‘ – Football inspired short sleeve shirt with jersey mesh body, small jersey mesh sleeve with detail stripes, armpit gusset detail, 2″ side hem finished with signature MONO 3M dot logo.


Franko‘ – Waffle bonded cotton poly blend jogger pants with slanted front pockets, rear invisible slanted back pockets finished with signature MONO 3M dot logo.

MonoShaneShane‘ – Poly solid blend shorts with jersey mesh paneling, slanted front pockets, double welt back pockets, overlock bottom hem finished with signature MONO 3M dot logo.

Shop the rest of the MONO collection here.

MONO – The First Collection

Publish.MONO is a two-toned collection that utilizes the contrast between highlight and shadow. In its debut, Mono embodies everyday abstract art as each garment is crafted to push our limits of what we think is right or wrong fashion. The whole collection features various textures and fabrics with a clean palette of black and white. With close attention to fitting and styling, MONO brings you some classic garments with a fashion-forward twist.

Some highlights in the collection include the “Hawkins,” an extended basketball jersey constructed of lightweight mesh. The “Garsol” is a pair of French terry shorts with an extended drop inseam. The “Jaron” is a short sleeve hoodie made of reverse terry featuring side zip pockets and an elongated fit. MONO was created to encompass simplicity and sophistication with the sheer power of black and white.

publish_mono_c1_13 publish_mono_c1_11 publish_mono_c1_10 publish_mono_c1_09 publish_mono_c1_08 publish_mono_c1_07 publish_mono_c1_05 publish_mono_c1_04 publish_mono_c1_03 publish_mono_c1_02

Shorts for Days

Everyday is a further step into the blazing heat of summer. This is the time when t-shirts, tank-tops and most definitely shorts come out from hiding.

This season we want all Publishers to be in great-looking gear while still being comfortable, surviving the extreme climate. We have an array of quality shorts ranging from clean and simple to bold and colorful. Constructed from light-weight poplin and breathable cotton, these shorts are great for those scorching hot days and warm summer nights.

Whatever your style may be, all designs are engineered to be fashionable and functional. You wouldn’t mind being lost in paradise with these essentials.


Casel stretch twill shorts available in black, coral, khaki, & navy.


Banksy chambray cargo shorts available in charcoal, khaki, & blue.


Baylor polka double quill shorts available in blacktan, & navy.


 Torres jersey mesh shorts available in white, black & grey.


 Reno heavy knit thermal shorts available in black, navy & maroon.


Dathan digital floral poplin shorts available in white, navy, & tan.


Chase slub french terry shorts available in black, heathernavy.


Celino polka-dot poplin shorts available in blackmint, navy, & white.