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HIDE THIS CAMPAIGN Close / Open Campaign

With the rise of production in the fashion industry, many textile fabrics have gone to waste. Every year, millions of pounds of post-industrial waste are disposed of into landfills around the world. Publish hopes to bring awareness to an industry that is more concerned with results, rather than with the process.

We would like to introduce our effort to lessen the environmental impact of mass manufacturing by creatively reusing fabrics to give these wasted materials a new life. Rather than continuing to contribute to the demise of our environment, by re-purposing leftover fabrics from factories, Publish is giving it a second chance to become something meaningful. Each garment is mindfully crafted, slightly unique and every piece, most importantly, given a second chance.

But the ongoing effort does not end there. Everything, including people, deserves a second chance. Thus, the next facet of the Second Chance Initiative focuses on giving back to the community. Hopefully our collective efforts today will yield a positive impact for the world tomorrow.

“Help the community. Save the environment. That’s been our goal from the start.”

HIDE THIS CAMPAIGN Close / Open Campaign