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Ready? Round II.

In this weeks latest Good Fit Friday we’re spotlighting some more of our must-have summer pieces. This week, Mr. Forte is wearing the floral print “Bixby” hat from our latest collaboration with KICKSHI. Gilbere is also sporting the Jonas knit tank and twill Garcia deck shorts.

You can find the summer collection online now at the Publish Shop and the Bixby hat at KICKSHI.



Congratulations to our #WinPublish winners!


We randomly selected 4 lucky winners: 2 off Twitter and 2 off Facebook.

Publish x Reed Space winners:

.   Reese Fuller (@reesethebeest) won the “Bixby” snapback.

.   Emerson Pappas won the “Middleton” five panel.

Publish x KICKS/HI winners:

.   Daniel Kauwila Mahi won the “Tosh” snapback.

.   Andrew Kang (@ak_dreezy) won the “Baldwin” five panel.


The Publish family applauds and greatly appreciates your support. We wish you all a great summer and hope you enjoy rockin’ one of our most anticipated caps to date.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. The official release date for our first ever hat collaboration is tomorrow, Friday—July 13, 2012 at 8:00am PST on the Publish shop in very limited quantities and through The Reed Space and KICKSHI.

We have more exclusive releases in the works as well so be sure to keep an eye out!

Instagram: @publishbrand   #publishbrand

Twitter: @publishbrand   #publishbrand



Publish | Today For Tomorrow.


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Mike Shinoda, Publisher.

Last week a few of us from Publish were invited to a private concert for the X Games at Club Nokia in Los Angeles thanks to our friends Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park. In front of a thousand fans they rocked out with their past chart toppers and then went into their 5th album titled “Living Things” that topped the Billboard charts this week. Mike was seen sporting our “Sullivan” short sleeve chambray shirt for the performance. The whole set was also streamed live onto Myspace for everyone to see. Congrats to these guys on everything they’ve accomplished and check out their new album in stores now.

The Sullivan shirt as well as the rest of our Summer 2012 collection is available now at our Publish shop.




Getting Fit.

We’re bringing back Good Fit Fridays! This week with the help of talented Gilbere Forte, we bring you the Dossey short sleeve woven in grey. Lined with the all-over snakeskin print, the Dossey also comes with a 2-button side slit, detailed chest pocket and 3-D quill embroidery. The Dossey shirt and the rest of the “Good Moods” collection is available now at The Publish Shop and Publish retailers worldwide.

Check back next week for our newest look!




Two thumbs up.

Over the weekend I got the chance to catch a great new film directed by Wes Anderson called Moonrise Kingdom. The film is based in 1965 and is about a young boy and girl who fall in love and decide to run away together. Throwing parents and scout leaders into panic, an irregular search party is sent out to find the couple. With an all-star cast list including Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Jason Schwartzman, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton you can just anticipate greatness to happen. In typical Wes Anderson fashion, the cast wardrobe is amazing. Every detail on each character is on point. The coolest details are the patches on all the scouts’ gear. They are randomly highlighted throughout the film.

Overall, I definitely recommend going to see this movie. It hits every genre to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.




MindxStyle is a collection of photos curated by Publish’s very own Alex James. Each photo represents a concept from some point in history. Some of the photos are direct inspirations for upcoming collections. Other photos are purely visually stimulating. The overall purpose of MindxStyle is for everyone to enjoy and  for us to share some insight from the imaginative minds at Publish Brand.

MindxStyle is updated daily. Please be sure to visit.


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“Brand New In Box”



It was a beautiful day in sunny California and I got a chance to hangout with the storeowners of BNIB Alex and Jamie as well as their dogs Obey and Sis. I sat them down for a little Q&A. Alex and Jamie recently purchased an old truck and turned it into the first mobile shoe slangin machine. This crafty concept allows them to sell their products anywhere they go. You may have spotted them at the Well-Connected sale in DTLA this past March. The truck definitely stirred up a lot of conversation!

Names: Alex & Jamie



A: Storeowner by day, muck rider by night.

J: Storeowner and all around good guy.


What is your home base?:

A: Los Angeles

J: New Jersey


Brands you are wearing:


Shirt: American Apparel

Pants: Publish

Shoes: John Varvatos Converse


Shirt: Publish

Pants: Rhythm

Shoes: New Balance


Favorite thing about your city:

A: Diversity

J: Traffic


What was the first designer piece you bought?

A: Gucci-Wallet

J: Tinker Hatfield-Nike Air Jordan


Who is your dream footwear brand collaboration?

Both: New Balance


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

A: My Bicycle (Sorry Obey)

J: My dog (Sis)


What inspires your style?

Both: Originality


Casual or Formal Wear?

A: Formal

J: Casual


What’s your favorite hang out/go-to spot?

A: The streets of LA on my bicycle

J: The Standard Rooftop, we should throw a BNIB x PUBLISH pool party!


Favorite website?



Favorite song?

A: Gary Jules- Mad World

J: The Band Hockey- Anything For Them


Dream job?

Both: We’re living it!


What’s the last thing to disgust you?

A: A total babe

J: A brand new, in-box pair of shoes.


What trend do you want to see die?

A: The Jersey Guido

J: Raccoon Tails


What’s the most common statement people make about your style?

A: Peg legs, old guys always say, “I used to do that in High School.”

J: Nice shoes


Lastly, are there any questions you have for me?

A: Can I get you a BNIB water?



Contact Information:

Address: 2684 Lacy St. Los Angeles, CA 90031

Phone: 323-352-8671



Today’s track is by Marvin Gaye “Ain’t that peculiar” remixed by Oddisee, enough said!

Quoted by our very own, Plann.B, “Oddisee is a prolific producer, eloquent emcee, and purveyor of all things fresh…” – Without a doubt, one of the best in the business.

For more of Oddisee’s work, visit his website: or follow him on Twitter

Happy Friday.


The oh-so-gorgeous Kate Upton was photographed by the iconic Terry Richardson. So many things I want to say about Kate, but you’re probably already thinking them. Also, posted below these photos is a video of Ms. Upton cat daddy-ing.

Current status: drooling.


This past Saturday, we had some very special guests drop by the Publish offices to pay us a visit. The homies Ryan and Asad (masterminds behind LA’s Soul Slam and Wonderfull events) stopped by with none other than the man of the hour himself, superproducer and world-renowned party igniter, DJ Spinna. Fresh off a flight from LAX (and a gig the night before at SoHo’s Submercer), Spinna was most definitely on his “no-sleep-swag” as he dug through the crates. Only this time, he was digging for fits rather than wax…and the crates were just cardboard boxes, but work with us here.


After getting laced with some pieces that he picked out, he had to swing over to the hotel for a few brief hours of R&R before taking the stage at The Echoplex for Soul Slam 8. The night was a massive success (as it always tends to be), with over a thousand people packed inside, dancing and sweating to the better part of Prince & MJ’s discographies, blended and presented as only Spinna can do it.

Keep up with DJ Spinna on and make sure to follow Footlong Development on Twitter at @FootlongEvents.

Words by: Plann B
Photos by: Maricel Sison