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Look Ma! We made it!

Last Friday we had the opportunity to travel up to San Francisco as a team to celebrate our collaboration with Benny Gold! The turnout for the event was phenomenal and the store was set up beautifully for the release party. Nothing says a great party like friends, family and free beer!

If you didn’t know how this collaboration came about, we have been friends with Benny for a long while now but never thought we were ready to work on a collaboration together. After four and a half years, we finally thought we were ready to pull the trigger. San Francisco is known for its foggy conditions and this was how the signature ‘Fog Camo’ came about.

The Fog Camo was placed on the water-resistant ‘Van Ness’ 3/4 length hooded parka jacket, ‘Shotwell’ brushed twill shorts, ‘Guerrero’ Pants, and ‘Valencia’ bucket hat.

Collection still available in limited sizes and quantities here.

Swing by the Benny Gold flagship store if you’re ever in San Francisco! 3169 16th St. San Francisco, CA 94110

We displayed a gallery exhibit which was shot by Trash Hand. Definitely check out this work  because his perspective is definitely on point!  

The man of the hour; Benny Gold rocking the Van Ness collaboration jacket. 

Stop by the store and hang out with #levigold.

Here is the famous Rumi! 

Thank you to the Benny Gold family for having us!