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Publish Art Study – Cannon Dill

Oakland muralist, Cannon Dill, never followed rules. The 23 year old artist took off when he began ditching class and participating in the  Occupy movement. Dill could be found with a pen and paper in Oakland’s LeQuiVive Gallery.

Dill remembers a teacher failing him for drawing a dog’s head on his rendering of a nude figure model.






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Publish Art Study – James Turrell

“While I am truly flattered to learn that Drake fucks with me, I nevertheless wish to make clear that neither I nor any of my woes was involved in any way in the making of the ‘Hotline Bling’ video.”
– James Turrell

American artist, Turrell is widely known for this experimentation with light and space. He first began experimenting with light in his Santa Monica studio by covering windows and allowing a certain amount of light from the outside to come through the openings.

He then began a series of sky spaces which consist of a large enclosed room with a roof opening to view the sky though the opening.

Turrell has a permanent exhibit in Las Vegas at The Shops at Crystals. If you haven’t seen Turrell’s work in person yet, keep your eyes open on when his exhibit will hit a city near you!



Florian Holzherr LACMA

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Publish Art Study – David DiMichele

LA based artist, David DiMichele, plays a game with his viewers through the manipulation of light, angles and composition to heighten an experience.

DiMichele’s work is not often displayed in museum galleries but rather on his studio table. At first glance, you would think these are large installations but instead they are miniature sized and photographed.

DiMichele was influenced by Robert Smithson for breaking down the barrier between sculpture, installation and photography.





Images by David DiMichele

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Publish Art Study: Richard Prince

Visual artist Richard Prince has stirred some commotion with his Instagram paintings. Richard took many screenshots from various models, artists, and celebrities from their Instagram and created the installation entitled, “New Portraits.”

Showcased at the Gagosian Gallery in 2014 but talks were stirred once paintings were being sold for $100,000. Because Richard took the original photos and included his own caption and verbiage, they were seen as original work.

What are your thoughts on Richard’s “New Portraits” installment?






Photography by Robert McKeever

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KAWS Effect

While the team is out in Hong Kong checking out the KAWS “CLEAN SLATE” Exhibition at Harbour City, we got to check out the KAWS “Man’s Best Friend” Exhibit in Los Angeles at the Honor Fraser.

Back for the third time (through October 31, 2014), this recent work takes the familiar silhouette of famous cartoon characters. The exhibition features paintings, drawings and sculptures rendered in bright colors on canvas stretched over wood panels.


If you are from the Los Angeles area, you should definitely swing by this FREE exhibit!

10AM — 6PM










Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

Jeff Koons is widely regarded as one of the most important, influential, popular and controversial artists of the postwar era. Koons pioneered new approaches and tested the boundaries between advanced art and mass culture. With close to 150 objects dating from 1978, Koons’ exhibition will be on display in New York at the Whitney’s Museum of American Art.

Photography by: Switttch


14695491295_ea6c6d5a45_b“Toyland with Popcorn”


14692306641_aefbaed323_b“Michael Jackson and Bubbles”


14508838509_1b9423d995_b“Dogpools (Panties)”

14508840909_0a72be279e_b“Three Ball 50/50 Tank”


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Our Favorite Coachella 2014 Moments

After all the hysterical hype, the 15th annual desert festival finally comes to a bittersweet end. Nearly 180,000 crazed art and music fans flocked to this year’s Coachella Festival in Indio, California, with huge expectations of greatness. With astonishing art installations everywhere and the variety of world renown artists performing every second of the day, there’s no wonder why people drop hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in preparation for this majestic cultural experience. We already cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring for our new generation of adventure-seekers.

Coachella has been a catalyst for reuniting musical groups in the past and is most definitely continuing to do so for our listening pleasure. Celebrating 20 years of their unique sound, Outkast launched their highly-anticipated tour on April 11th, headlining this festival and 40 more thereafter, throughout Spring and Summer around the world.

“It’s truly an honor to celebrate 20 years and still be free to do music the way we choose…Don’t just think outside the box, know that there is no box. I’m looking forward to rocking the stage with my Bro Ski and to all the fans – stank you smelly much, this is for y’all!” – Big Boi

Andrè 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast closing out the first night of Coachella 2014.

Outkast Coachella 2014



This infamous festival also features various up-and-coming artists, giving them the opportunity for amazing exposure. Rising progressive music producers, The Glitch Mob, hands down rocked the Sahara stage from top to bottom, beginning to end. Their extraordinary sound pulsed through the dense sea of bobbing heads and hands. One of our favorite artists at Coachella 2014, definitely.

The Glitch Mob posing in front of the ecstatic crowd after their set.

Glitch Mob Coachella 2014



In the pursuit of happiness, Coachella attendees flew to the outdoor stage to see Kid Cudi perform. Because he has stopped hanging out with “Mary-Jane,” rumor has it that his music just isn’t the same. We beg to differ. He threw it down with new songs, old hits, and even brought surprise guest MGMT to feature in his set. Long live Mr. Solo Dolo!

Kid Cudi keeping the crowd entertained with his great stage presence.

Kid Cudi Coachella 2014



A$AP Ferg had the whole crowd chanting “Shabba, Shabba!” No doubt the crowd was hyped up for this midday afternoon performance at the Outdoor Stage. Ferg had help from A$AP Rocky where he debuted a new untitled song. But wait, it didn’t end there. The A$AP Mob took stage with Skrillex to perform Wild For The Night.

A$AP Ferg x SkrillexThe crowd was definitely happy and throwing  up their hands for Pharrell Williams, who recently did a collaboration with the timeless French duo Daft Punk. Like every year, rumor had it that Daft Punk was definitely going to appear on stage with Pharrell. However, we didn’t see Daft Punk, but he did not disappoint with his special guest appearances. Over the two weekends, the cameos included: Snoop Dogg, Diplo, Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes, Usher, T.I., Jay Z, and The Jabbawockeez. That’s a line-up on its own!

This Pharrell fan shows off his love and creativity with his hand-painted denim jacket.

Coachella 2014 Pharrell Jacket


If you haven’t heard of the musically talented Jhene Aiko, you definitely will hear of her in the very near future. She gained massive attention with her Sailing Souls mix tape in 2011, where she collaborated with Miguel, Drake and Kanye West. “I love me, I love me enough for the both of us…” As soon as Jhene began singing that catchy hook, the huge festival cameras came out to play. The crowd was on their toes in anticipation that Drizzy Drake would walk on stage to perform the rest of the song with her. Then a smooth, familiar voice announces, “This is my first time at Coachella by the way.” The sea of fans screamed and cheered in excitement. What an amazing surprise! It won’t be long until we see Drake’s name on the line up bill in the next year or two. Jhene also brought out Childish Gambino and Kurupt for her performance.



The Coachella Art and Musical Festival of 2014 has dwindled down to the end. With all the craze and hype buzzing around the great music and mind-blowing art installations, it’s hard to believe it’s all over – back on that daily grind. Until next year Indio! Thank you!

Good Fellers Part 1 – Illustrations by David Baker

David Baker is a 22 year old illustrator/graphic designer/product designer residing in San Francisco. Currently studying at the Acedemy of Art in San Francisco majoring in illustration. With a passion for menswear, sacred geometry and color David strives to obtain as much knowledge in art and design as possible.

He has collaborated with Publish brand in the past with his unique take on photography which has been featured on Instagram numerous times. His continuous efforts to use his skills to portray his own outlook on Publish has amazed the team here at Publish.

Take a peep at his work below. Definitely keep an eye out for more work from David Baker!

Follow him on Instagram @DavidBaker


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Necessities Art Show This Friday

Art Show Enthusiasts

Come out and Support a good friend of Publish Brand, Benjie Escobar Head Graphic Designer of The Hundreds is featuring his new works in a Group show called NECESSITIES. This Friday night December 2nd at Backside (Echo Park) . Come enjoy some of his Published works along with many other talented artists SPTFKR, DUCKY, C.Ann to name a few. NECESSITIES pays tribute to some of the most cherished things in my life food and women. Be sure to come out this show will leave you hungry for both!

NECESSITES will open at 7pm

Backside Echo Park 1814 West Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, California 90026

Be sure to stop by again at Backside this spring for some Publish Brand goods!



What if you had the chance to interview your favorite designer, artist, actor, athlete or musician?

What would you ask them? As an avid fan of design, art, and music I have always wondered what inspires those that are part of the upper echelon of their craft? The only problem is I am just a regular person and although I’m sure through the powers of 6 degrees of separation I would likely somehow be linked to these greats. Chances are that I would never get to ask them myself. The Talks is an interesting website that I came across that answers these questions and an assortment of other fascinating questions.

The Talks is a weekly updated online interview magazine. Over the past decade its founders Johannes Bonke and Sven Schumann have met with cultural figures of all kinds. New talks take place while traveling throughout the year.

Some captivating excerpts from The Talks