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Tag - Contemporary

Publish Art Study – Hitomi Sato

“When I see the ‘shimmer’ of light, images of various natural light come to my mind. For example, ripples on surface of the water, sunlight through the leaves of trees , rays from a break in the clouds, reflections on window glass.” – Hitomi Sato

Tokyo based artist Hitomi Sato created an installation called “Sense of Field” where she aims to replicate the shimmering of light for a visual experience but in combination with a sense of touch.

View more of Hitomi’s work here.

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Publish Art Study – James Turrell

“While I am truly flattered to learn that Drake fucks with me, I nevertheless wish to make clear that neither I nor any of my woes was involved in any way in the making of the ‘Hotline Bling’ video.”
– James Turrell

American artist, Turrell is widely known for this experimentation with light and space. He first began experimenting with light in his Santa Monica studio by covering windows and allowing a certain amount of light from the outside to come through the openings.

He then began a series of sky spaces which consist of a large enclosed room with a roof opening to view the sky though the opening.

Turrell has a permanent exhibit in Las Vegas at The Shops at Crystals. If you haven’t seen Turrell’s work in person yet, keep your eyes open on when his exhibit will hit a city near you!



Florian Holzherr LACMA

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Publish Art Study – David DiMichele

LA based artist, David DiMichele, plays a game with his viewers through the manipulation of light, angles and composition to heighten an experience.

DiMichele’s work is not often displayed in museum galleries but rather on his studio table. At first glance, you would think these are large installations but instead they are miniature sized and photographed.

DiMichele was influenced by Robert Smithson for breaking down the barrier between sculpture, installation and photography.





Images by David DiMichele

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Publish Art Study: Ai Weiwei

Born in Beijing, China, Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist. Living in the United States for over a decade, Weiwei studied at the Parsons School of Designs. He studied with artists such as Bruce Dorfman, Knox Martin and Richard Poussette-Dart. He later then dropped out of school and made a living off drawing street portraits.

Ai Weiwei’s visual art includes sculptural installations, woodworking, video and photography. Check out his “Bicycles” installation below along with some other artwork.






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Trade Show Season is in Full Swing! 

It’s about that time of year again and we’ve just wrapped up one of our favorite trade shows Agenda! Aaron and the Agenda team have definitely been killing things in the contemporary, streetwear and action sports industry. They created a friendly & laid back atmosphere that showcases amazing brands from all over the world! Can’t wait for the next one guys! Publish Brand’s next stop Las Vegas for Workroom!

Here’s a recap of what to expect from AGENDA NYC AND AGENDA HB for those who couldn’t attend!