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They’re back….

Cam and Ben are back for the second season of HBO’s hit new show that follows the enterprising twosome, as they continue to pound the pavement in New York to make their dreams come true in How to Make it in America.

The second season leads off as the duo makes their way back to NY from Japan after a potentially lucrative business trip, Ben Epstein (Brian Greenberg) and Cam Calderon (Victor Rusuk) hit the ground running, hustling at every opportunity. The two scour the downtown scene for new business connections, following ever lead to try get noticed in the industry, and making headway with CRISP, their homemade fashion line of hoodies and tee’s. Watch them and their cast of friends that include Kid Cudi chase the america dream.

Check out the trailer of season two and tune in every Sunday at 10:30 pm on HBO to catch How to Make it In America!

Check out the sneak peak of Ben wearing the Publish Brand Benshore crew neck sweater from Holiday 2011.


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