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Welcome to Paradise Hawaii

With Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, public beaches and oceanic surroundings, it makes it a popular destination for many visitors. With that we decided to bring the party to the Paradise State. We got to enjoy what Hawaii had to offer and took full advantage of all the great views. Thank you Hawaii – you were beautiful to us.

Check out some amazing photos below shot by our own photographer, Gian Torres.











Vans x Publish Release Party at The Republik

We had the pleasure of bringing our release party with Vans out to Hawaii in late October. Being two California brands, we could have easily thrown a party out here in Los Angeles but why not try something new? We decided to bring it to big island of Oahu and we brought some friends with us to throw the party down! Check out some photos below from the event night. Thank you to everyone that came and supported us! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Dj Delve – Our friend Chris, known all over Hawaii, is known for taking all types of music and giving it a groovy funky feel you can dance to.

Salva – DJ, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, SALVA is blurring lines between all types of musical boundaries. Pitchfork has described his work as “music that sounds like it comes from a place of genuine adventurousness.”

Dam Funk  – Taking elements of modern soul, electric funk, hip hop, and dance ; Dam-Funk is here to move to feet and stimulate your mind. His rare blend of music has landed Dam hardcore fans worldwide

Just Blaze – Producer of some of your favorite songs by Jay-Z, Dipset, and Kanye West, Just Blaze is a one man hit making machine.

Release Party was hosted at The Republik
Photography provided by Jarett Blake













Vans x Publish Boot Release at Kicks Hawaii

Finally all the buzz and excitement manifested into reality last weekend when the Publish Brand crew took flight to visit our account Kicks Hawaii for the official in-store release of the Publish x Vans OTW Breton Boot. The event kicked off at 1pm on the 26th of October in Honolulu with talented DJ Delve and Dam-Funk on the turn tables. With the entire store grooving to funky jams, the event ended on a great note with our team, the Vans team, Kicks HI,  friends, family, Publishers and shoe lovers connecting about the highly anticipated release of this premium boot.

The intricate details of this Breton definitely need a second look. Don’t be fooled by the boot’s simple colorway. The excellent quality and execution of this  boot is the reason why Kicks On Fire named the Publish x Vans collaboration “Boot of the Year.” The clean colors selected for the design compliments any outfit, making it a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. The black nylon upper is water-resistant for every day wear, while the white leather mid-sole contrasts the rest of the boot for aesthetic style. The back panel is reflective constructed of  3M materials to make you pop, when necessary. The perforated neoprene tongue and collar paired with an UltraCrush HD and Vibram sole adds great comfort to this exclusive fall boot.

Below are a few shots by Jarett Blake of the Publish Brand x Vans OTW Breton Boot, Dam-Funk / So Super Sam, and of the very first Publisher to purchase the limited collaboration at Kicks HI.












Vans X Publish Release Party

You’re Invited!

Vans OTW x Publish
Breton Boot Launch Party

Just Blaze | Dam-Funk Live | Salva | DJ Delve

Click Here to RSVP
Where: The Republik
When: Sunday, October 26
Who: Vans OTW + Publish Brand
How: RSVP Here.
Just Blaze
DāM-FunK Live
DJ Delve
On Saturday, October 25th

Vans OTW x Publish
Breton Boot Instore Event

Limited Pairs Available Exclusively at KICKS/HI

Lost in Paradise – Summer 2014

Presenting our most comprehensive summer collection to date – Publish Brand’s latest offerings entitled “Lost in Paradise” are sure to get you feeling warm vibes all season long. The collection has a contemporary edge while still maintaining a polished and refined look for every occasion. Splashes of bright colors and unique patterns are a staple throughout the collection, while new classics are introduced to create an overall summer time atmosphere.

The few highlights of “Lost in Paradise” include ‘Chase’ which are slub French Terry shorts with a relaxed fit and elastic waistbands for added comfort. The ‘Julian’ has the Signature Jogger Pants cut while displaying a twist to the traditional polka dot overlay. The ‘Edan’ is a fitted button down poplin shirt with our original digital floral print. The ‘Jacoby’ is jersey knit polo shirt featuring breathable mesh sleeves. All pieces mentioned and the rest of the collection can be found at official retailers worldwide and on

publishbrand_summer2014_12 publishbrand_summer2014_13 publishbrand_summer2014_15 publishbrand_summer2014_16publishbrand_summer2014_6publishbrand_summer2014_11publishbrand_summer2014_7publishbrand_summer2014_8publishbrand_summer2014_4publishbrand_summer2014_10publishbrand_summer2014_9publishbrand_summer2014_5publishbrand_summer2014_3


Hawaii’s most famous clothing store, Kicks/HI linked up with California based clothing brand Publish to create a series of 5 panel caps. Cut from patterned fabric, each hat produced by the collaboration is unique and available in two designs – one blue with black contrasting elements, and another in blue with a yellow nature pattern. Both styles are complemented with printed polka dots.






Turquoise seas, white-sand beaches, palm trees and fruity drinks – Hawaii has all the ingredients for a beautiful, tropical getaway.

Our buddy Jay Otaguro of Noteworthy is living the good life out on the Paradise of the Pacific. Our Noteworthy brethren share the same sentiment as us in that “clothes make the man” and the clothing you choose makes a significant impact on how you are remembered. As one of Honolulu’s premier boutiques, vacationer’s enjoying their endless summers have the opportunity to stay fully fit. We recently had the chance to chop it up with Jay, here’s what he had to say:

Name: Jay Otaguro (@unclecee on Twitter and Instagram)

Occupation: Co-Owner and shop manager of Noteworthy.

What is your home base? Honolulu, Hawaii.

Brands you are wearing:

- Shirt: Vintage Army BDU jacket and Noteworthy tee.

- Pants: Naked and Famous x Momotaro deep indigo Weird Guy’s.

- Shoes: Varvatos zippered Chuck Taylor’s.

Favorite thing about your city: Honolulu is cultural melting pot, resulting in unique and amazing cuisine and the world’s most beautiful women.

What was the first designer piece you bought? Public School denim jacket.

Who is your dream footwear brand collaboration? Any project with Converse would be a dream.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? Girlfriend, dog, and IPhone (in that order lol).

What inspires your style? Inland Empire by way of Tokyo.

Casual or Formal Wear? I appreciate the fashion forward and contemporary looks and fits, but for me personally, flipped brim fitteds, black t-shirts and raw denim will always win.

What’s your favorite hang out/go-to spot? The movie theater. I am a movie freak. The rare times that I do go out, it’s usually to our China Town district- in particular, The Manifest. That’s my favorite watering hole.

Favorite website? I visit on a daily basis because it covers all spectrums. I check out when I want to be shocked or have a good laugh and for new product and brand research.

Favorite song? Super band wagon, but been stuck on everything that Pusha-T and A$AP Rocky have been putting out. Favorite song of all time- More Than Words by Extreme. Yeah I know.

Dream job? I have it!

What’s the last thing to disgust you? The Aurora Colorado shooting.

What trend do you want to see die? Raccoon tails and overly skinny jeans on not-so-skinny people.

What’s the most common statement people make about your style? That I only wear the color black. True statement, I hate color.

Lastly, are there any questions you have for us? When’s the Publish x Noteworthy collab going to happen!???

Photo Credits: Eric Takemoto and Cary Harada.


631 Keeaumoku St

Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 499 -7248

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