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For the Spring 2015 collection, we took everything we’ve designed in the past and reinvent a totally new state of style. With our modern tailored fitment, we’ve introduced some forward design concepts, veering away from the familiar. Each piece was carefully created for every type of man for every type of occasion. Shop this look below.


Chad Floral Lace Jacket


Dingo S/S Oxford
Dingo_WhiteGarner Two Toned Heather Jogger



The Black Collection

The Publish.MONO collection is one of our most prized, as each garment represents an artistic representation of both classic and modern.

When we think of classic, we think black. Black is a shade that compliments anything and everything and has done so for as long as know. Here at Publish, we have taken a classic and combined it with the most modern cuts and styles to give Publishers something truly unique. This collection was inspired by today’s modern thought accompanied with the trending sport fashion. We have chosen the top 3 garments from the black collection to give you a closer look.

The 3 gauge knit ‘Endre’ is a particular cut sweater that features an over sized collar that can be worn over the head as a hood. The front panels are longer than the back to give the elongated look the MONO collection is all about. The knit makes the ‘Endre’ versatile for any sophisticated occasion while being comfortable.

A black favorite among Publishers from the MONO collection is definitely the short sleeve raglan button-up ‘Vaughn.’ Cotton poly solid blend completes the body, while the sleeves are made of mesh. This sporty inspired baseball jersey is hands down a top seller.

Of the many uniquely built garments from MONO, the  ‘Gunner’ French terry raglan sleeve, offset jacket has to be at the top. Carefully constructed folds flow down the front for an abstract asymmetrical aesthetic. With front snap buttons, collar and cuff ribbing, and hidden pockets, the ‘Gunner’ is quite unique and definitely considered fashion forward in today’s ever changing trends.



endre_black_frontThe ‘Endre’ available here.




The black ‘Vaughn’  available here.




 The black ‘Gunner’ available here.





Going, Going, Gone!

Definitely a classic, the Stancott can be worn universally to polish your personalized style. This baseball jacket is finely constructed of high density poplin, lined with lightweight jersey, and ends with detailed ribbing. Hands down a timeless piece.

“Stancott” Jacket

Olive Stancott


Available in Olive and Yellow.


In For The Kill

Our designers have gone above and beyond to create this stylish, yet discreet, one-of-a-kind pattern. This line definitely stands out with the detailed snakeskin embossment to give any wardrobe a touch of character. Whether keeping it causal or dressing to impress, this design undoubtedly has a look set to kill.

“Prey” Jacket

Prey and Danton Shirt

M65 Prey Jacket

The details of this military M-65 style jacket stand out, literally! The embossed snakeskin begins at the top and fades out flawlessly. With all the pockets, style, and utility, this jacket is a must.

Available in Black & Olive


“Gorgon” Hoodie

Red Gorgon Gorgon

The perfect combination of unique design and casual comfort, makes this piece a great pick from our latest release. With many colors to choose from, the Gorgon fits all types of desired looks. Can’t ask for more than that!

 Available in Black, White, Navy, Red, & Olive


Ripstop Your Wardrobe Today

Looking for a lightweight Spring jacket? Our Grinnis jacket from Spring 2014, Delivery 2 is perfect as the cool weather starts to get warmer. This 3/4 length jacket is constructed from ripstop canvas, four front pockets, wood button closure, and back split fish tail.

grinnis jacket


Ripstop is weaved using a special technique to reinforce resistance to tearing and ripping. Below is an image of the ripstop construction around the elbow patch of the jacket.

ripstop details


“Grinnis” Jacket

Available in Black and Navy