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Tag - Legacy Jogger Pants

Publishers’ Legacy Contest

After all the hard work put into supplying you with the all-new Legacy Jogger Pants, we wanted to see how our Publishers give the Legacy its name.

We’re looking forward to see all the different scenery, shoes, colors, styles, photography, and people wearing our very own creation. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box – that’s what we want!

Be a part of our Legacy Jogger Pants contest!



1. Follow @PublishBrand on Instagram.
2. Post an image of yourself on Instagram wearing the Legacy Jogger Pants.
3. Please use the following tags with the posted photo:


4 RUNNER UPS WILL RECEIVE a $500 giftcard

Contest will run May 15th – June 15th, 2014
Winners will be announced on June 17th, 2014
All winners will be chosen off photography, creativity, and style.

Here are some examples. Good luck!







To view more contest examples, awesome videos, and detailed shots of the Legacy Jogger Pants, click here.

The Evolution of a Classic

After years of research on how elegant design can coincide with the practicality of our every day lives, we have transformed the Signature jogger pant into something that would have been unimagined just a few seasons ago.

Our Legacy Jogger Pant originates from the perfected foundation of our classic cut and style. The cinched cuff is just one of the ways the Signature evolves to the Legacy. With the 2×1 ribbed cuffs, the Legacy joggers have a look and feel made for relaxed mobility. Expanding from the simplicity of the Signature pant, the Legacy’s reinforced thigh seam and saddle adds durable details as well as athletic aesthetics. Where the Signature gears toward minimizing elements for a polished look, we have revamped the style and functionality by maximizing them in the Legacy. Now featuring 2 percent stretch cotton twill and the revolutionary DWR (durable water repellent) coat throughout, the Legacy Jogger Pants are ready to conquer the hustle and bustle of our ever changing world with you in the driver’s seat. The Legacy begins with you…


publish_legacy_school_06 publish_legacy_school_04 publish_legacy_school_01

Below is a detailed shot of the Legacy jogger, accompanied by descriptions of the latest modifications compared to the Signature. The evolved specs of the Legacy Jogger Pant.



Legacy Jogger Pants available in Black, Tan, White, Navy, Olive, & Ocean.

View our entire line of the Signature Jogger Pants.

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