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Monochromatic Lifestyle

Blurring the lines between contemporary menswear and sportswear, we introduce our second Publish MONO collection. This special collection emphasizes the contrast between shadow and light. The collection focuses on forward thinking while using timeless silhouettes with monochromatic palettes.

This casual, sporty collection is now available here.








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MONO – The First Collection

Publish.MONO is a two-toned collection that utilizes the contrast between highlight and shadow. In its debut, Mono embodies everyday abstract art as each garment is crafted to push our limits of what we think is right or wrong fashion. The whole collection features various textures and fabrics with a clean palette of black and white. With close attention to fitting and styling, MONO brings you some classic garments with a fashion-forward twist.

Some highlights in the collection include the “Hawkins,” an extended basketball jersey constructed of lightweight mesh. The “Garsol” is a pair of French terry shorts with an extended drop inseam. The “Jaron” is a short sleeve hoodie made of reverse terry featuring side zip pockets and an elongated fit. MONO was created to encompass simplicity and sophistication with the sheer power of black and white.

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