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Exclusive: BTS with North Trooper

SLAMXHYPE took a ride with us & photographer North Trooper to check out the upcoming Spring 2015 collection. North Trooper, whom has been shooting multiple shots for us, did his homework before coming to the city and pre-selected various spots in Manhattan which had special hidden nooks that made the collection pop. SlamxHype got to shadow us during our time in New York to capture a behind the scenes look at new goods. Check out the video below!

Check out North Trooper’s work here.
Model: Oliver Kult


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Street Meat

Extra Butter partners with Reebok for the 25th Anniversary of the Ventilator. 1990 marks the birth year of the Reebok Ventilator, as well as the start and rise of “Street Meat” food vending, a delicacy which remains a New York City staple and Extra Butter favorite through the years.

Executed on a buttery, premium, euphoria nubuck upper, Extra Butter’s “Street Meat” Ventilator takes it’s design cues from Halal food plates; mixing appetizing elements and colors that point to lamb, chicken, falafel, lettuce, yellow rice, and of course the infamous red sauce and white sauce. Extra Butter takes the gritty element of NYC food vending and spins it with Reebok for a luxury feel that both highlights the Ventilator, and pays proper homage to the delectable dish that “Street Meat” truly is.

Also featured throughout the video is our ‘Arnelle‘ pull over hooded sweater.

via Extra Butter

The Real Story Behind the Jogger Pants

The Jogger Pant is now a staple in most men’s closets across North America. Five years ago, this was not the case. The pants started as a mere concept that didn’t really catch on until about a year ago. The men’s pants category has been pretty stale with only a few options. The Jogger Pant gave men an exciting new option to look cool and feel good. The overall key to the pant is the cinched cuff. This allows for free movement and being able to show your footwear in a clean way. With the resurgence of running shoes worldwide, the Jogger Pant quickly caught on.  Everyone was buying Roshes, Air maxs, Gel Lytes, and Discs to wear with their Joggers. real-story-behind-jogger-pant-2



So what is the future of the Jogger Pant? Where is the evolution? Above is a sneak preview into the next creation called the Legacy Jogger. These pants are built for your everyday life. They includes an extended ribbed cuff, DWR stain proof and water resistance, and 2% stretch for extra comfort and mobility. The Legacy Joggers are set to release at accounts worldwide on May 1st.

Check out the full article on the Hundreds Blog.


For their first ever hat collaboration, California-based label Publish Brand has reached out to Jeff Staple’s Reed Space along with KICKSHI for a unique summer cap collection titled “Good Moods.” This ambitious three-way collaboration brings together the distinct styles and geographical inspirations of two unique cities. The Reed Space caps are inspired by New York architecture, while the KICKSHI pattern is meant to evoke the easygoing vibes and laid-back lifestyle on the big island. Hats were produced in the USA in limited run.









Publish Brand has teamed up with New York heavy hitter retailer Extra Butter to create a very unique pair of the infamous jogger pants. The pants feature an all-over python snakeskin print which lends itself nicely to the relaxed silhouette. Made from lightweight twill, the joggers feature elasticized cuffs and side pockets. A co-branded logo was created and embroidered on to the top left thigh of the pants. Produced in a limited run, these pants sold out instantly and will never be created again.

campaigns_extrabutter_01 campaigns_extrabutter_02


New York Staple.

The Reed Space is one of the United States premier retails on everything considered cool. They’ve been holding down New York City for over a decade now have become the downtown shopping standard for all walks of life.  They carry amazing brands such as their own line Staple, Norse Projects, Isaora, New Balance, Converse, Stone Island, Acronym and now Publish Brand. We are thrilled to showcase our Summer 12 collection at such an awesome store. Be on the look out for our upcoming collaboration hats as well.



The Reed Space

156 Allen Street

New York, New York 10002


Everything looks cooler in slow motion!

So it’s no surprise then that this decelerated high-definition footage from “8 Hours In Brooklyn” by Next Level Pictures is completely mesmerizing. Simply shot with a Phantom Flex camera, the concept behind the video was to document whatever the group could find in Brooklyn, New York during an eight hour time span. Watch as these Brooklynites play basketball, kickflip into the sunset, break dance, get tattoos and run around in the spray of an open fire hydrant!


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Most people will openly admit that The Knux are a unique group to place in the Hip-Hop landscape. The duo, consisting of blood brothers Krispy Kreme & Rah Almillio, calls their music style “A little rock, a little electric band, heavy fucking Hip-Hop”. When I personally first saw The Knux they were in XXLwearing “short-shorts”; so you can see how one could be confused how to take these New Orleans natives (Now based out of Hollywood). But maybe a book shouldn’t be judge for its cover; their first single “Cappuccino” is catchy as hell. Plus, they do play instruments and produce their own tracks (Which in any case shows talent). After thinking of all the labels I could put on this group (“hipster” is one of them), at the end of the day, the music is all that matters. –

The Knux jammin’ out in the SOLD OUT Williamson Shirt

The Knux’s Newest Single Featuring Kid Cudi – Run

The Knux
Saturday, July 30
8 p.m. (doors)
The Studio at Webster Hall
125 E 11th St., New York
Tickets $15


New York, I love you!

First off, we would like to thank everyone that stopped by the Publish booth at the show. For those who may have never been to Agenda, it is a bi-yearly trade show that showcases the most inspired in the contemporary, streetwear and action sports industry. From the garage-run lines on the verge of explosion, to the well-established elite. We love the opportunity to show at Agenda because of it’s laid back atmosphere and friendly vibes. It is great catching up with old friends and making new ones! We would like to thank Karmalooptv for stopping by and showing us love! We hope everyone enjoyed Publish Brands debut of our Spring 2012 collection! So for those who have never been to Agenda, here is glimpse of what you can expect to see!


Agenda through the eyes of Karmaloop! P.S. We’ve got a surprise coming in the future! Shout to Burnrubber Detriot!


New York Big City Of Dreams

It’s about that time again, the boys have packed up and are ready for their return to the big apple. We are extremely proud and excited to debut our Holiday 2011 & Spring 2012 collection at  Agenda NYC. We look forward to seeing you guys! Check out this dope video from last years Agenda.

Agenda: NYC
Chelsea Art Museum
556 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011
July 18th &19th 9 am – 6pm


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