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Publish Art Study – David DiMichele

LA based artist, David DiMichele, plays a game with his viewers through the manipulation of light, angles and composition to heighten an experience.

DiMichele’s work is not often displayed in museum galleries but rather on his studio table. At first glance, you would think these are large installations but instead they are miniature sized and photographed.

DiMichele was influenced by Robert Smithson for breaking down the barrier between sculpture, installation and photography.





Images by David DiMichele

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Publishers Get Creative

We ran a huge Photography Contest on Instagram over the past 5 days and we must say, there are some creative Publishers out there! For each day, we had a separate theme which had Publishers go out to seeking their most creative shots. With hundreds of entries each day, we picked out the most unique shots that stood out from the rest. Each day a winner was picked and each received a $350 gift code to our online store as well as pair of our collaborative shoe with Tretorn and Ps & Qs. Check out our 5 winners below! More contests like this coming in the future!

 @DavidBaker for #TeamCozy



@CyrusTolentino for #WeLevitate



@QuangXV for #StairWalkers


@FnknSrs_ for #OutfitFromAbove



@Designerd for #CoffeeNClothes


Behind The Scenes: Diane Jong

Most of you may have never been on set of a photo shoot before but a lot of work is needed to bring you those amazing final images you all see in lookbooks, social media, and online galleries. For this project, we got to work with photographer, Diane Jong, to bring you something new. Diane Jong is known for her unique moving pictures photography. We can’t wait to share with you all! In the meantime, check out the BTS photos.









Photo: Steve Lucero
Special thanks to @TheArteryLA for providing us the studio



The oh-so-gorgeous Kate Upton was photographed by the iconic Terry Richardson. So many things I want to say about Kate, but you’re probably already thinking them. Also, posted below these photos is a video of Ms. Upton cat daddy-ing.

Current status: drooling.


Christian Morente speaking on “development” with his photography.

To give you an insight of what this video series will be: it’s just normal days and normal thoughts. More than anything this Visual Notes And Ideas series will feature some friends that speak things out loud that I have always thought.


Beautiful women & photography are definite complements of each other.

What straight man out there doesn’t appreciate a well captured photographed of the fairer sex? With the advances in mobile phone camera technology and all the beautiful ladies out there, what better way to start getting inspiration than checking out Oliver Zahm’s “The Secrets of Photographing Women.”

Starting tomorrow, Leadapron Gallery in Los Angeles will be hosting the “The Secrets of Photographing Women” exhibition which displays a selection of prints shot by Olivier Zahm. Known for traveling the world and attending some of the most exclusive parties, the fashion photographer and Purple editor is no stranger to beautiful women and is almost always seen with one hanging from his arms. The exhibition will be on display from May 25-June 12, 2011.

Get your clickers ready.

Via Hypebeast & Purple

8445 Melrose Place
Los Angeles
CA 90069
United States

Self-portrait of Oliver Zahm

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It’s been a minute since A-Trak was Kanye West’s first tour DJ and it look’s like he has definitely learned a little something about showmanship from Ye.

He was the first ever to conquer three of the top DJ competition titles and also made sure to take home the most coveted DMC championship in the world while in the process at the age of 15. Since then, the renowned DJ has seemingly raised the bar with each new endeavor by not only aligning himself side-by-side with arguably the biggest icon in the modern era of hip-hop, but also establishing his renowned Fool’s Gold record label and of course the bread and butter, his work behind the wheels of steel. A-Trak took a moment to share with us his new personalized live setup conceptualized by himself and Kanye with the help of Canadian design company Moment Factory. A-Trak worked closely with them during the whole development and he shares with us his vision.

Check out Hypetrak for the complete article.

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Takayuki Hori’s exhibition “Oritsunagumono” (which means “things folded and connected”) is intended as a critique of Japan’s polluted coastal waterways, which have nasty effects on the local fauna. The artist printed images of animal skeletons and discarded trash onto translucent sheets of paper, and then folded them into origami animal shapes.

Hori folds each animal — both bones and trash — out of one uncut sheet of paper, so the meticulousness of his design stands as an even more subtle indictment of the pollution problem. Each translucent sheet is first printed with either the images of fragments of an animal’s skeleton, or, on some pages, human-made discarded objects that are often ingested by the animals in the wild. Using the ancient tradition of folded paper, Hori assembles the pages into a three-dimensional model. Once the paper is folded, the printed components are united as a whole, telling the visual story of the animal’s plight to survive in an increasingly polluted and hazardous ecosystem.

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