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Tag - r&b

Majid Jordan – Every Step, Every Way

Majid Jordan just released a visually pleasing video for “Every Step Every Way.” Signed by Drake’s label, OVO, they are currently on a North American tour. Have you checked our their live show? We went to their LA show and it was nothing short of amazing. Vibes Cerifited! #PublishVibes

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Kelela – A Message

LA based beauty Kelela cuts her dreads off and makes a surreal music video for her single “ A Message”. Produced by Arca, this is a sexually crafted song that will having you lusting for more. Check out the full video below.

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SZA – Babylon

SZA, known for her unique R&B/Neo-Soul style, is seen in her “Babylon” music video committing suicide. The song itself is her response to her parents paying for her college education even though it wasn’t something she was interested in. SZA ended up dropping out and writing this song in response to her parents. Enjoy the vibes.

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Doja Cat – So High

Publish Vibes is back and today we are listening to Doja Cat. Not much is known about the 18 year old psychedelic prodigy but it’s known that every time she releases a song, she stirs conversion on Soundcloud. Her song “So High” arrived with a trippy visual that will have you playing it on repeat. Check out the video below! If you’re a fan, Doja Cat made a second video in an acoustic version.

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Publish Picks: Spooky Black – Without You

From the woods of Minnesota, comes the newest R&B thug genius; Spooky Black aka Lil Spook. This midwestern white teenager might surprise you; he definitely surprised us! Think of an American mix of James Blake with shades of Keith Sweat and Jodeci. Are you interested yet? His newest single “Without You” was filmed on a VHS camcorder and give the feel of winter time 1998. Not only is his music on point but his style in on another level. Not in years, have we seen turtlenecks and du-rags. Not to mention the FUBU 05 jersey donned by Lil Spook. This is a pure and raw example of the “Internet Age” generation. It’s about doing whatever the fuck you feel like and putting it up for the world to see.

Oddly enough, his newest album entitled “Black Silk” was available for a mere donation on the BandCamp website just a day ago. Now the link is dead. This is a mystery, maybe he got signed within the matter of hours or maybe just this young thug is a muse for someone else. Either way, try to get your hands on it, we did……





Allow me to introduce you to our boy Sid!

This kid is sick! If you haven’t heard of Sid Sriram you definitely need to check him out! Sid has been murdering it with all of his recent covers on Youtube! You can rest assure that there are projects in the works with Publish and Sid.

Today for tomorrow is the movement and Publish brand is the vehicle.

High For this by the Weeknd- Sid Sriram


Sid’s rendition of Trust Issues by Drake

Sid covering We try by Frank Ocean

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“Comin’ From Where I’m From”

Anthony Hamilton is a seasoned veteran in the R&B soul game, he’s had 6 albums, a bevy of boisterous singles, and countless contributions to others over his 15 year span career. He’s currently been busy on tour and working on his new album Popularity set to be released in 2012. Anthony was recently spotted wearing our “Massimo”  oxford shirt from our upcoming Spring 2012 collection. Definitely be on the look out for from Publish and Anthony in the future.  Check out his recent collaboration with Jill Scott on her soul single “So in love”.

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Hailing from our not so distant relatives up north in Toronto is The Weeknd.

Less than two months ago, few of us had ever heard of the Weeknd. Then, as soon as the creepy R&B tracks from this free mixtape began to circulate, the hype engine revved up. There was the Drake cosign, the album art that looked like Spiritualized crossed with Tumblr art-porn, the missing vowel, the stylish samples, and the project’s creators hiding in the shadows. You can’t buy buzz like this, and the Weeknd’s quick rise to Internet fame, both in indie circles and in parts of the mainstream, raised fascinating questions about the blurrier-than-ever lines between those two audiences and the underground’s newfound embrace of R&B

Click to download their free Mixtape here via PitchFork

Drake Approved.