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Tag - San Francisco

Publish Art Study – Cannon Dill

Oakland muralist, Cannon Dill, never followed rules. The 23 year old artist took off when he began ditching class and participating in the  Occupy movement. Dill could be found with a pen and paper in Oakland’s LeQuiVive Gallery.

Dill remembers a teacher failing him for drawing a dog’s head on his rendering of a nude figure model.






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Publish Art Study – Barry McGee

Last week while being on site of our Timberland collaboration in San Francisco, we were able to check out SF’s own native Barry McGee’s China Boo exhibit.

McGee rose out of the graffiti movement in the 90s with heavy urban influence. McGee’s iconic pantings consist of abstract backdrops with drips, patterns and colors.

“The more I learned about the art world, the more my interest in what was going on outside of it increased, I didn’t have any desire to bring graffiti inside the school’s walls or anything.”

Check out the China Boo exhibit at Ratio 3 in San Francisco until December 9, 2015!









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Publish x Timberland Release Event

New England born company Timberland, worldly renown for their flawless craftsmanship in outdoor apparel and footwear, teamed up with Publish Brand to introduce a limited collection of the Chelsea boot and the classic Oxford silhouette.

With the concept of merging West coast style with East coast functionality, these pieces feature the best of both worlds.

To celebrate the recent release of the “Reinventing California” collection, the two brands came together at the beautiful Timberland shop in the heart of bustling downtown San Francisco on Saturday, November 7th.




Here, any inquires of the brands or the collaboration were happily answered by Publish’s CEO, Timberland’s Senior Footwear Director, and other members of the team. They took the time to sign shoeboxes for any desiring fans who purchased a pair from the collection, while surrounding guests roamed the shop enjoying complimentary drinks, hors d’oeuvres and the warm ambiance.






Available in the traditional wheat and timeless black leather, the shoes were elegantly displayed front of shop for those who wanted to get a real feel of the West coast design aesthetic and the premium East coast weather-proof quality. It’s no surprise that the shop sold out of the black Chelsea boot by the end of the 3 hour event.





As the successful night came to an end, the teams connected over bringing this collaboration to life, their experiences in the industry and truly getting to know one another. Not only is it important to share a sense of camaraderie among the brands, especially executing a huge project as “Reinventing California,” but to meet the people who support the vision and getting to know theirs is essential in continuing on “Today for Tomorrow.” The exchange of ideas, gratitude, love and support filled the shop, exuding positive vibes throughout.


Check out this limited release of this collaboration of the stylish Chelsea and the traditional Oxford now, while the stock lasts!

Also, head to Timberland’s blog of “Reinventing California” to get a look at the Publish Brand Manager’s interview with this favored outdoor company. #TimberlandxPublish

Publishers Get Creative

We ran a huge Photography Contest on Instagram over the past 5 days and we must say, there are some creative Publishers out there! For each day, we had a separate theme which had Publishers go out to seeking their most creative shots. With hundreds of entries each day, we picked out the most unique shots that stood out from the rest. Each day a winner was picked and each received a $350 gift code to our online store as well as pair of our collaborative shoe with Tretorn and Ps & Qs. Check out our 5 winners below! More contests like this coming in the future!

 @DavidBaker for #TeamCozy



@CyrusTolentino for #WeLevitate



@QuangXV for #StairWalkers


@FnknSrs_ for #OutfitFromAbove



@Designerd for #CoffeeNClothes


Golden State of Mind

A few weeks ago, Publish Brand threw an event with Benny Gold for the release of their collaboration. You can read more about the event here and view the collection here. Everyone at Publish took the opportunity to venture out to San Francisco to help support and spend time together as a family.

Being the 4th most popular city in California, this city holds a lot of history, culture and fashion. Definitely a popular tourist destination known for cool summer weather, fog, steep hills, architecture and beautiful landmarks. If you get a chance to visit, definitely do! Until then, here are some awesome shots provided by Gian Torres.

Time doesn’t stop here in the city. Everyone is always on the go. You snooze, you lose.



Did you know Union Square was once used for rallies and support of the Union Army during the during the American Civil War? Now it’s one of the capital of shopping destinations in California.
Union Square
The view of the Bay Bridge from Taylor Street.

Bay Bridge


Nice Kicks

Eight tight hairpin turns on the famous Lombard Street.
Lombard Street

The Golden Gate Bridge from Eagle Point Labyrinth. 
Golden Gate Bridge

Sutro Baths

Sutro Bath Rocks

Until next time! 
Open Field


Benny Gold is widely known for his authentic and well-crafted graphic design. He has created an in house brand with a cult following like no other. Naturally, with a love for California, we have teamed up with Benny Gold to create a very unique and extensive capsule collection.

The concept behind the collaboration is to create pieces that would translate in both climates of Los Angeles and San Francisco; birthplace of both brands respectively. Benny Gold’s custom Fog Camo pattern was created to reflect the nature of San Francisco’s foggy climate. We have taken Benny Gold’s custom Fog Camo pattern and creatively placed it throughout the entire collection.


Valenicia. Guerrero




Shotwell Shorts


Look Ma! We made it!

Last Friday we had the opportunity to travel up to San Francisco as a team to celebrate our collaboration with Benny Gold! The turnout for the event was phenomenal and the store was set up beautifully for the release party. Nothing says a great party like friends, family and free beer!

If you didn’t know how this collaboration came about, we have been friends with Benny for a long while now but never thought we were ready to work on a collaboration together. After four and a half years, we finally thought we were ready to pull the trigger. San Francisco is known for its foggy conditions and this was how the signature ‘Fog Camo’ came about.

The Fog Camo was placed on the water-resistant ‘Van Ness’ 3/4 length hooded parka jacket, ‘Shotwell’ brushed twill shorts, ‘Guerrero’ Pants, and ‘Valencia’ bucket hat.

Collection still available in limited sizes and quantities here.

Swing by the Benny Gold flagship store if you’re ever in San Francisco! 3169 16th St. San Francisco, CA 94110

We displayed a gallery exhibit which was shot by Trash Hand. Definitely check out this work  because his perspective is definitely on point!  

The man of the hour; Benny Gold rocking the Van Ness collaboration jacket. 

Stop by the store and hang out with #levigold.

Here is the famous Rumi! 

Thank you to the Benny Gold family for having us!


I have always been inspired by people who can bring old items back to life.

Track bikes are one of the most common forms of transportation in the Bay Area. Skidding down the steep streets of San Francisco is the only way to reach your destination safely. That only means one thing for most riders, constantly running through tires.

Dylan Bigby, founder and designer of Retired Belts, saw that his tires resembled a belt. This inspired him to repurpose his Randonneur track bike tire into an aesthetically pleasing belt. His belts are commonly seen in the streets of San Francisco on skillful riders, many of them Macaframa riders. These riders provide him with the tires needed to make the belts. These belts have similar characteristics to leather. The rubber becomes even smoother, softer and shinier than leather over time. Each belt has a different story along with different skid markings, a truly symbolic representation of track bike riding in San Francisco. These belts are individually packaged in recycled tube boxes, which is the icing on the cake for this unique product.

“Any project is a result of outside influences…Figure out what you can do well, then ask people who know how to do that.”
-Dylan Bigby


This is the key to achieving your goals and Publishing your dreams!