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Seattle’s Underground Floor

Make your way to Seattle’s Underground Tour to learn more about this historic city. The basement passageways below was Seattle’s original  ground level in the mid 19th century. An accidental fire spread destroyed 31 blocks of Seattle due to initial wooden foundation. Instead of rebuilding the city, the townspeople decided to build above the original ground level due to frequent floods from high tide.


Below is a portrait of Seattle before the town caught fire.


After the rebuild, a lot of merchants moved up to the new ground level leaving all the rubble behind. The underground is closed to the general public except for special occasions such as these Underground Tours.




After the rebuild some merchants operated on the new ground level but some decided to operate on the original level still. These glass panels were put in place to allow light to the underground. If you’re walking along the sidewalks and you spot some random glass panels, you know there is an underground passageway underneath.



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Highest City at Sea Level

This past weekend we got to take a little adventure up to Seattle, the biggest city in the Northwest Region and fastest growing in the States! The city itself is known for rain, coffee, big businesses, nature, art and history.

Where it all began; The original Starbucks location on Pike Place. The line goes out the door consistently all day and you can expect a 20+ minute wait.


  This is the longest operating Farmers’ Market in the US.


Come early and catch employees throwing fish across the counter.


If you’re a germaphobe, you may want to take two steps back. The Market Theater Gum Wall has been named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions.



Make your way to Seacrest Park in West Seattle for a great view of the city!


We happened to be in town for the Solstice Festival in Fremont. It was put on to support the art and artists in the neighboring area.




Follow the Aurora bridge up Troll Ave, and you’ll come across this awesome sculpture.



    The architecture on the Seattle Public Library is simply breathtaking. Seattle is ranked the most literate city in the country. The Seattle Public Library has the highest percentage of library cardholder per capita.


Do you know about underground Seattle? Stay tuned for our next blog…